Founded in the late 1990’s Community Marketing Concepts was the brainchild of two Ad Execs who after decades of working with large corporations wanted to lend their expertise to the people they felt really mattered, the local businessmen and women.

Sandra Negron - Finance

Sandra is the company’s bean counter. In addition to knowing how to count them she also knows 101 different ways to cook them too! The mother of 3 boys and a cat, Sandra in her spare time she likes Vampire shows, erotic novels and foot massages.

Anthony Iaderosa - Audio Engineer

Anthony is the youngest member of the team.  A recent graduate of the Institute of Audio Research in Manhattan, Anthony is a real mixer. (Sound mixer that is)  Anthony’s expertise is in taking something that sounds horribly ugly and making it sound well not so horribly ugly.  When not making beautiful music for our clients, he enjoys making beautiful music with his girlfriend.

Paul Boyko Jr. - Web Development

Paul came to life about the same time as the internet itself.  His mother told us he was writing code in his crib.  Paul is truly an expert in all phases of website creation and internet marketing.  An avid sports enthusiast, in his spare time he coaches and plays volleyball, football and beer pong.

Philip Iaderosa III - Sales


Vincent Santorelli    Creative Director

Vinnie has been creating art for a long time.  It’s been said that some of his earlier work can be seen in that cave in France next to some animals.  Even though he’s the old man of the team, his ideas and designs are always fresh and new.  When not creating masterpieces for our clients, Vinnie enjoys playing the blues on his guitar, a stud poker game, a good cigar, and playing with his two grandsons.

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